About Spear & Associates, Inc

Spear & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1993 in Escondido, California by Ray Spear and Dan Fluke (recently retired) with the objective of providing a full range of civil engineering, land surveying and land development services. Since that time Spear & Associates, Inc. has established a reputation for providing quality service in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. Starting out as a two-man team, Spear & Associates has grown to a team of 13. This keeps our firm relatively small and enables us to provide a familiar atmosphere while we serve you. Our objective has always been to provide the highest quality solutions possible within the parameters given by our clients. Utilizing a teamwork approach across all disciplines helps us in achieving this objective.

Many Commercial, Industrial, and Office Building Land Development Projects as well as Residential Single Family Homes and Tract Home Projects requiring Civil Engineering Design and Land Surveying have been processed by Spear & Associates. Click here to review a short list of completed projects.

After all these years offering civil engineering and land surveying services in San Diego, Orange and Riverside County we have developed friendly, professional relationships with numerous governmental agencies.

There have been abundant changes in the industry in recent years. Spear & Associates has proven to stay on top of all the new storm water regulations and additional city and county requirements. We are committed to our clients and we look forward to the challenges of following the ever changing industry to offer the most feasible solutions.

As our business has grown over the years we have moved several times and are now located in San Marcos at 475 Production Street.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding our firm and to preparing a very comprehensivee design, surveying or mapping proposal for your next land development, construction staking or land surveying project.

Spear & Associates, Inc. is a Civil Engineering & Land Surveying consulting firm for private and/or public projects.

We ensure your project’s success by placing experienced professionals on every project - from the company owner, to project managers, designers, drafters and seasoned surveyors.

We Believe in Quality Service, Performance and Integrity. Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

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